Development Studies Programmes

  1. Postgraduate Diploma in Development Studies (PGDipDS)
  2. Master of Development Studies (MDS)

Development Studies Courses

Courses offered by the Centre for Samoan Studies

Course CodeCourse TitleSemester
HDS500 (Core) Development Theory and Practice2
HDS501 (Core) Project and Programme Design and Evaluation2
HSA501 (Core) Ala’imalo
Researching Samoa
HDS502Gender Planning and Development1
HDS503Special Topic in Development Studies A (Public Policy)1
HDS504Special Topic in Development Studies B2
HDS505Culture, Health and Illness (NEW)1
HSA500Sufi Filiga
Approaches to Samoan Studies
HSA502Sa’ili Matagi: Femalaga’iga ma Atina’e
Samoan Migration and Development
HSA506O pulega i Samoa
Governance in Samoa
HDS600MDS Thesis1 & 2
HDS601MDS Dissertation1 & 2

Courses offered by other faculties

Course CodeCourse TitleSemester
HCS580 Selected issues in ICT in Samoa1
HED580 Issues of Education in Samoa 1
HSC580 Global Environmental Issues in Samoa 2
HEN580Images of Samoa in English Post-colonial Literature 2
HEC580Economic Development in Samoa 2