The Centre for Samoan Studies conducts research on a range of issues relating to and affecting Samoa. Learn about our:


We conduct research on a range of issues relating to and affecting Samoa. Our research projects are funded by the university and external organisations in fields such as:

  • Archaeology and Cultural Heritage
  • Samoan studies (language, culture, history)
  • Development studies (especially on development issues relevant to the Pacific region).

Our latest featured research project is on Gender and Governance in Samoa and is funded by the Australian Development Research Award Scheme (ADRAS).

Charles Parkinson (Australian Volunteer for International Development working within the Centre for Samoan Studies) is carrying out a multi stage project over the next 18 months focused on setting up a GIS database of Samoan archaeological and cultural heritage sites and training CSS staff and select students on its use and ongoing maintenance.

The Knowledge of traditional Samoan fishing practices research is within its final stages.

All NUS staff can apply to the University Research and Ethics Committee (UREC) research fund for research projects within Samoa and American Samoa.

Research students

If you are interested in enrolling in a research based Masters or PhD through the Centre for Samoan Studies, please contact Prof Meleisea Leasiolagi Malama Meleisea (Director, Centre for Samoan Studies) [email protected] or Dr Penelope Schoeffel (Associate Professor) [email protected] for more information.

Current research projects of our students include:

StudentResearch topic
Mada Henry Magbidi (Master's student in Development Studies programme). Mada is a citizen of Italy, originally from Sierra Leone. He is co-supervised by the Centre for Samoan Studies and the Faculty of Medicine. He has been working with Samoan Women and Business Development Incorporated.Child and infant feeding practices in Samoa with the aim of understanding issues in child nutrition.